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Intensely arousing, upbeat and informative, fun and youthful, reassuring sincerity, sarcastically comedic, mature confidence and a suspenseful urgent voiceover!


Conversationally instructional, intensely informative, delicate documentary, e-learning elegance, cutting edge contemporary and a professional voiceover!


Wide-eyed youthful and dramatic, suspenseful and dark, colorfully comedic, straight forward and hip, competitively urgent and a laid back reality voiceover!

Recent Work

Brent Abdulla

With sharp, fast track flexibility that can go from the nicest guy on the block to the slick, sly character you’ll love just as much – Brent Abdulla VO.

More professionalism. More believability.

More than you expect. Everytime.

“Bringing Your Message to Life” is Brent Abdulla’s mission. As a voiceover talent his passion is easily heard with a voice that ranges from reassuring and calming to fun and energetic. For whatever vocal style is needed, your audience will actively engage with Brent’s conversational, confident and warm sound. From sophisticated and professional to young and exuberant, Brent provides a memorable sound by cutting through all the competing noise in our world today. His voice gives your audience reasons to listen.

Brent has developed long-term relationships with clients, both in the broadcast industry and on national and international speaking platforms, who share his enthusiasm and joy for life. His positive, upbeat and enthusiastic style makes him easy to work with on all types of projects. He provides an experience that is first-class and memorable as his abilities to communicate clearly, take direction, and anticipate your needs help your sessions with Brent run smoothly and efficiently.

As a nationally recognized speaker for over fifteen years, Brent’s personal and professional experiences make him a first choice talent. After listening to his demos, hire Brent today by either contacting him directly via the contact page, or through any of the social media links here at brentvoice.com. For a sound that adds to your bottom line, BOOK BRENT NOW.


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What my clients say about me and my work

Working with Brent was great, effortless and easy! His creative copy writing skills, great sound and attention to details delivered a product far more advanced than others in the business. I’d highly recommend him. You won’t be disappointed.

Erin RamseyDealer.com - Los Angeles, CA

Brent is an outstanding man, inspirational and full of energy. It’s truly an honor to work with him.

Tim GallagherGreat Lakes Radio - Chicago, IL

Brent is outstanding! His sound keeps people engaged, stimulated and wanting more.

Jeff VonFeldtNAPA Import Sales Group - Denver, CO

Clean, clear and focused sound with first-class service.

Ray SpellerbergKSBY Television - Santa Barabara, CA

Simply impressive. Bright, creative, with an exceptional attitude.

Jole McMurdieMcMurdie Marketing - Portland, OR

Polished, professional and passionate about the sound and service he provides.

Larry StanleyWebinarinc.com - Las Vegas, NV

Brent’s a class guy with lots of talent. I hope that our paths cross again.

Bill DeWeesTop performing VO talent & coach - Chicago, IL

Brent was a true professional. Very fast response and the ability to make several adjustments to his tone based on feedback. Can’t wait to work with him again!

Edward HeavrineAllen Pictures - Louisville, KY

When writing scripts I usually have in mind the type of voice I’m thinking of for that video – next one I write and I need a similar voice you can no doubt expect me to reach out!

Pat DearSomething Else Productions - San Francisco, CA

Awesome, fast and very professional. Will do business with again and again. Thank you.

Nick PujicVantage Point Media House

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